Protection Reactors

Protection Reactors

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Protection Reactors

Inrush Protection Reactors are designed to limit both the amount and frequency of the transient inrush currents which are typically occurring during the switching of capacitors in automatic multi-stage MV capacitor banks, or in Þ xed medium voltage capacitor banks connected in parallel to other Þ xed capacitor banks on the same switchgear bus. As such transient currents are posing a heavy stress on the capacitor, the line connection of inrush protection reactors helps reducing substantially the likeliness of capacitor failures.


  • Compact, low loss design with aluminum windings
  • Simple to install: mounting insulator included
  • Electrical connection by copper lugs
  • Vacuum impregnation with PE resin to reduce noise and provide
  • protection in harsh environments
  • Indoor application only